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Registration Policies

Otakuthon 2016 Registration Policies

Please take a moment to read the convention rules and policies on our website or in the program booklet.  By registering, you agree to comply with Otakuthon's rules and policies.  Failure to follow the rules may result in loss of badge and expulsion from the convention grounds without refund.

1. Refund Policy

Registrations are non-refundable -- this includes badges as well any paid extras (concert tickets, T-shirts, brunch). Badges may not be resold.

2. Price and Payment

Registrations must be paid in full before the respective registration deadlines to benefit from the reduced rate, if applicable. Any registration not paid or not postmarked before the end of the respective registration period will lose the reduced rate or be cancelled.

Mail-in payments must be postmarked on or before the respective deadline and must be received no later than one week after the deadline. Otakuthon will not be responsible for any payments that may be lost through mail.  Please do not send cash through the mail -- we accept cheques and money orders via mail.

Single-day badges can only be purchased on the same day on the convention site (ex: a Saturday-only badge can only be purchased on that Saturday).

3. Badge Pickup

Badges must be picked up during Otakuthon 2016 registration hours at the Palais des congrès in the designated area. Badges will not be mailed or issued otherwise.

To pick up your badge, you will need a copy of your registration confirmation (printed or digital copy) with a valid photo ID (ex: student card, Opus card, driver's license, Medicare etc).  Please be sure that the information provided in the registration system is correct (ex: first name, last name, birth date, etc.), as this information will be matched against the valid photo ID you provide when you pick up your badge.  Staff reserve the right to withhold badges from individuals whose information provided does not match with the valid photo ID provided.

Each attendee must come in person and present a valid photo ID in order to pick up his/her own badge. The account owner has no pickup rights to the attendee badges listed under him/her. However, the account owner can update badge information until July 31, 2016.

Information on your piece of photo ID must match with the information you have entered.

The account owner can pick up his/her own badge ONLY.  Only the participant whose name matches may pick up the corresponding badge.  

4. Child Registration

Children under the age of 11 and under born after July 31, 2004  must always be registered under a legal guardian. Otakuthon staff and volunteers are not responsible for taking care of children.  The guardian is responsible for keeping their child under supervision.

All children of age 11 and under must present a valid ID (ex: birth certificate, health insurance card, passport, etc.) as proof of age.

5. Lost and Found Badges

Found badges may be claimed upon presentation of a valid photo ID at registration. Lost badges will be replaced at a fee equal to the at-door registration rate.

6. Badge Policy

Badges must be worn, visible and accessible at all times.  Badges should be positioned forward-facing around chest height.  If the badge cannot be displayed at chest height due to costume restrictions or other issues, please make sure to display it as prominently and visibly as possible. Cosplayers may temporarily conceal them for the purpose of photos, but must keep their badge visible for the remainder of the time.

Attendees who do not have their badges properly displayed may be refused access to Otakuthon activities and/or be escorted off site.

All participants must carry a valid photo ID at all times and must produce it when requested by Otakuthon staff or venue security.

Participants who have lost their badge must report the loss as soon as possible to the registration desk.  Lost badges should be returned to the registration desk. If your lost badge is recovered, you may pick it up at the registration desk upon presentation of a valid photo ID.

7. Information Accuracy

Attendees must provide complete and accurate registration information. Registration information must correspond with information on the valid photo ID used to pick up their badge.  Staff reserve the right to withhold badges from individuals whose information provided does not match with the  valid photo ID provided.  Otakuthon will not be held responsible in the event that an attendee cannot be contacted with the provided information.

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