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Otakudance (Friday & Saturday)


Friday Night Otakudance

On Friday night, Otakuthon presents the Otakudance! Come dance to the rhythms of contemporary Japanese culture. Our DJs, Pocaille, The PinkPopo, Cyre and Epikuro, will make you dance with their mix of J-Electro, Anime, Touhou, Chiptune, Vocaloid and J-Core. Bring your friends and celebrate the opening of the convention with the right music for the occasion!

Saturday Night Otakudance

The Saturday night Otakudance is an unforgettable evening! Our excellent otaku music DJs are back. Come and dance the night away with Pocaille, The PinkPopo, Epikuro and Skicks! A night full of J-Electro, J-Core, Anime, Touhou, Chiptune, and more J-Core. Bring your friends, your most comfortable cosplay and let loose on the dance floor all night long. 

Our DJs

The Pink Popo  (

Pink Popo, your party police that has the sickest beats on lockdown! Pink Popo has been on duty since 2008, serving up some sweet, righteous sounds of electro with specks of J­-pop to the crowd. Come on down and move to your favorite anime theme songs with a cosplay DJ!


Cyre likes fast music and the extremes, which he proved more than a hundred times in various parties and events over the last fifteen years. Being involved in the demo scene at that time, he began to play music in front of crowds at NAID'96 (North American International Demoparty). This continued with raves and it is in this spirit that he'll play for you at the Otakudance. On the program, J-Core selections and influenced by a strong past of video games.

Pocaille  (

You're gonna shake your "pon pon pon" all night with Pocaille. He tickles different music styles in his mixes and he's always looking for new sounds to make you dance. A regular at the Otakudance, he's waiting for you this year with his "no compromise" energy.

Skicks  (

Prepare for trouble cuz he's makin' it double!
Skicks is back at the Otakudance once again, ready to deliver hardcore beats to make you dance!

Epikuro  ( (

Epikuro is a trail-blazing performer of Otaku Music. Mixing world-class anime, Vocaloid, and Touhou Project composers into epic sets infused with fresh dance beats and thick bouncy-bass, he brings years of experience as an otaku into the DJ world with tight mixing and rigorous arrangement. Selecting the finest tracks from Otaku Culture, Epikuro forges nostalgic and thrilling musical experiences. Whether it's at conventions, dance clubs, or his very own Kawaii Bass parties, Epikuro is a magical adventure that will make your kokoro go doki-doki.

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