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Special Guests

Mel Gosselin —

Mel Gosselin

Mel Gosselin considers herself first and foremost to be a geek, passionate about anime, cosplay, movies, comics and video games. In 2011, she published Cétacia, a work of historical fiction that was noticed by literary critics for its originality and its heart-wrenching scenes. This time, she drew from retrofuturism to create the quirky universe of Jacky Salaberry, a story that tells the tale of an apprentice virus collector who travels the world in a moving carousel to catch rare viral specimens. The third volume of this intriguing series arrives just in time for Otakuthon 2016!


Amya Chronicles —


(Savannah Houston-McIntyre and Andrew Hewitt)

Savannah was born in the quaint year of 1987 and has been a writer ever since. She currently lives in the magical town of Stratford Ontario, and loves nothing more than to sit by the river and watch the swans go by as she plots in her notebooks. She has been publishing her work alongside her co-writer, Andrew Hewitt, for seven years in addition to her independent writing for Filthy Figments.


Savannah and Andrew are most known for their work on the popular webcomic titled Amya. Savannah acts as the lead writer and creator of the series, and Andrew is credited as a co-writer. Amya is a high-fantasy series following the adventures of Faye, mute spell-touched who has nightmarish visions of the end of the world. In her waking days she lives an idyllic life as the daughter of a great noble, but all that changes when a fateful encounter with a young man sends her on the adventure of a lifetime, and spiralling towards her role in the forthcoming apocalypse. Accompanied by her unlikely companions, she must decide if she wishes to sacrifice her humanity to save the world, or the world to save her humanity.

Jayd "Chira" Ait-Kaci —

Jayd Chira Ait-Kaci

Jayd "Chira" Ait-Kaci is an American-born, French-raised artist working on art full time in Canada. She focuses on stories of a magical nature with her partner, Alex Singer, producing stories through Little Foolery. Mainly known for their webcomic "Sfeer Theory."

Johannes Helgeson —

Johannes Helgeson

Johannes has worked in the games industry since 2008. He specializes in stylized character concept design, and has worked for companies such as Activision, Gameloft, Volta, Trendy Entertainment and Hibernum Creations. Johannes considers himself a perpetual student of art, constantly in pursuit of skill and learning experiences.

Joodlez —


A Korean-born Canadian illustrator and comic artist who loves cats and astrology. Cut Time, a fantasy-adventure webcomic about a tiny nomad named Rel, is now her full-time comic project. Joodlez is a member of Hiveworks Comics.


Ikko —


We are a micro-publishing house founded by a team that's passionate about manga. We are committed to working with the community: we publish our comics for free, not only so that everyone has access to them, but also so that we can springboard the careers of local artists. In doing so, we offer young artists the chance to break into the world of manga publishing.



Akidearest —


Aki, also known as Akidearest, is a female anime/otaku YouTuber racking in over 400,000 subscribers where she shares all things anime and of otaku culture! She also has her own mascot who goes by Tentacle-Sama. Her most famous videos review Vocaloid songs to share with the community, racking an average between 500,000 to 1 million views per video. Aki also supports cosplay positivity in any way she can as well as having fun sharing activities with her viewers to enjoy. From rants, to reviews, to cute unboxings, Aki is an all around fellow otaku who hopes to share her passion for anime with the community.


Official Site

Joey The Anime Man —

Joey The Anime Man

The Anime Man, who commonly goes by Joey, is an anime YouTuber currently residing in Japan who has accumulated over 700,000 subscribers. He mainly focuses on rants and skits to help express and share his views on anime culture with fellow anime fans. His other interests include voice acting and vlogs of his time outside of anime.


Official Site

Misty Chronexia —

Misty Chronexia

Misty Chronexia is a famous Canadian YouTuber in the anime industry with nearly 1 million subscribers. He made his success by doing countless Top List videos revolving around many topics. His heavily edited videos charmed a lot of people and he has now launched the creation of his very own anime: Chronexia and the Eight Seals. Despite not showing his face often on camera surely his iconic French Canadian accent will be easily recognizable for anyone who has ever watched a Top 10 Anime list on YouTube.


Official Site

Noble Lost Pause —

Noble Lost Pause

Noble is an anime YouTuber with over 600,000 subscribers. He is known for his anime videos that cover visual novels, let's plays, reactions, Q&A's, and other general funny videos, that may or may not be somewhat perverted as well. He always tries to keep it as classy as possible.


Official Site

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