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Open Volunteer Positions

Everyone knows that Otakuthon is an anime convention.  However, not everyone knows that Otakuthon is put together by hundreds of volunteers donating their time and who are driven by their passion for anime.  It is thanks to their work and dedication that everyone can have an enjoyable weekend.  If it weren't for them, Otakuthon wouldn't be possible.

Have some free time during the convention and want to help out?  You can receive a partial or full reimbursement on your membership badge and a number of perks. You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, work in a team environment, make friends and more...

We have several volunteer positions available. Please fill out our online form if you're interested.

  • Badge Checkers: Responsible for checking people's badges to make sure they are registered for the convention.
  • ID Checkers (volunteers to be 18 years and older): Same responsibility as Badge Checkers, but also responsible for verifying proof of age (18+). This will be for all rooms with mature content. Shifts are available Friday and Saturday after 8pm. Volunteers for this position may be asked to cover overnight shifts.
  • Room Monitors: Responsible for monitoring the screening and video gaming rooms and reporting problems if they arise. Good observational skills are an asset. Volunteers for this position may be asked to cover overnight shifts.
  • Setup, Cleanup & Support Crew: Responsible for helping with setting up before the convention, cleanup during and after the convention, moving things from area to area when necessary, helping around the Exhibition Hall, and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Registration: Place badges in printers, hand it out when ready, hand out the bag and program booklet, prepare equipment in advance, offer support to the registration staff.
  • Exhibition Hall: Keep a smooth flow in the hall, help during the setup and tear down, verify badges in the hall and assist directors as needed.
  • Art Gallery/Artists' Area: Ensure reception and installation of art pieces in the Art Gallery, assist with sales and art auction.  Monitor the Art Gallery and Artists' Area and verify goods conform to the rules.
  • Merchandise Table: Help with sales at the Otakuthon official merchandise table, as well as during setup and tear down, keep sales inventories, answer customers' questions.
  • Garage Sale: Help during setup and tear down, keep an eye on the tables, answer customers' questions and assist the sales of items.
  • Information Desk: Provide basic information and directions for convention goers on day of convention.  Must be able to man information booth for a minimum of 8 hours.  Must have good communication skills.  Must be bilingual.

Volunteer registration is will be opening soon.  Please come back later.

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