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Gunpla/Plamod Room

Gunpla By popular demand, Otakuthon, in collaboration with Sci-Fi Anime, is proud to present the Gunpla/Plamod Room!

What is it?

Simply put, Gunpla stand for everything Gundam Plastic model or resin kits, while Plamod includes all Plastic Models or resin kits including Gunpla. Throughout the three days of the convention, Sci-Fi Anime will be organizing and hosting the Gunpla/Plamod Room where you can learn, build, and even win prizes for your works of art!

Tables will be available for building your favorite Gunpla or Plamod with your friends and our staff and there will be experienced Gunpla/Plamod builders on site to help with your work. Tools will be available for rent or purchase. If you have questions or need advice, just ask - we're here to help.

There will also be completed Gunpla/Plamod on display by various builders of different skill levels from beginners to experts for your viewing enjoyment.  One of the best parts of building models is displaying your finished products.

Feel that you've put together one of your best pieces yet?  There will be a friendly Gunpla/Plamod competition. YES! You could even win 1 of the 3 rare kits on the market as prizes!

And finally, remember your broken piece(s)? Bring them and we will show you how to fix it.

See you all there!

Gunpla/Plamod Room Schedule

*Schedule subject to change without notice. 

Friday August 7, 2015:


Welcome to Gunpla Event / Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.


Gunpla History.


Originals vs Bootlegs vs Unlicensed Gunpla


Basic Building Techniques.


Workshop Period / Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.


Advanced Building Techniques.


Workshop Period/ Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.

NOTE: Gunpla Contest & Display Setup periods are for setting up your Gunpla/Plamod for display or for the Friendly Gunpla contest.  There is no actual Gunpla contest during those periods.

Saturday August 8, 2015:


Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.


How to: Simple Mod Your Gunpla


Workshop Period./ Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.


How to:  Different Painting Techniques.


Workshop Period/ Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.


What is the diff between Gunpla and Plamod?


Workshop Period/ Gunpla Contest & Display Setup.

NOTE: Setup times for the Friendly Gunpla contest are on Friday and Saturday only.  There will be no setup time on Sunday for the contest.

Sunday August 9, 2015:


Name that Gunpla/ Gunpla Display Setup ONLY.


What are GUNPLA Resin Kits and Conversion Kits?


Workshop Period / Friendly Gunpla Contest Judging Period


Friendly Contest Winner Announcement and Prize Distribution.


Takedown period

Participant Information

Welcome to the first GUNPLA event at Otakuthon 2015! This is a place where you can work on your newly acquired Gunpla or Plamod, get tips and learn different techniques or add new techniques to improve your masterpiece or just simply have fun.

Throughout the weekend, we will show you different techniques of building, modifying and painting. There will be multiple workshop periods to put your newly acquired knowledge to good use. Experienced staff will be present to help in case you encounter small or big challenges.

Remember to bring your tools; you will need a pair of cutters, a hobby knife, paint (Tamiya acrylics paint only), paint brushes, a cup to wash off your paints, cement (if needed) and your own GUNPLA/PLAMOD.

Painting is optional but cutters are recommended. Need supplies? We have tools and GUNPLA/PLAMOD for sale or rent (limited quantity, cash deposit will be required for tools) in the GUNPLA ROOM if you would like to start the art of GUNPLA =)

We also have completed GUNPLA/PLAMOD from various builders on display for your enjoyment or to find inspiration for your new project.

There will also be the first-ever FRIENDLY GUNPLA CONTEST!!!  Bring your completed masterpiece and you could win a prize!

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the set up and packing of your own kit(s). WE ARE NOT responsible for your kit(s) after 5pm on Sunday August 9, 2015. DO NOT leave anything behind! Anything that is left behind will be disposed of by the cleaning crew. Remember, you are responsible for registering your own kit, otherwise anyone may lay claim to it. Registration will be at the entrance of the GUNPLA room. Photo ID required.

MECHA, MECHA and MECHA Contest Rules

This year's theme will be "RED, WHITE and BLACK".

  1. Any scale and grade are accepted.
  2. No more than 3 entries per participant.
  3. The theme for this year is RED, WHITE and BLACK.  All these colors should be clearly noticeable on the model but you are not limited to these colors. (NOTE: Black panel lines and visors/eyes do not count.)
  4. The Gunpla must be an existing Gunpla in the GUNDAM universe.
  5. The Gunpla must be a Gunpla plastic model by Bandai or Wave. No bootlegs or unlicensed models will be accepted. We reserve the right to disqualify your entry if we suspect a bootleg or unlicensed Gunpla.
  6. Repainting of toys or figurines will not be accepted. Remember, this is a MODEL KIT competition.
  7. The model should be a finished and completed piece. Once the kit is submitted, it cannot be changed out.

Prizes will be given out on Sunday at 3pm.  If your model wins but you are unable to attend; we reserve the right to disqualify your entry and move on to the next qualified winner.

There will be prizes for the top 3 winners:

  • First place winner will get first choice at picking one of the three available prizes.
  • Second place winner will get to choose one of the remaining two prizes.
  • Third place winner will receive the remaining prize.

Hope to see you all there. =)

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners

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