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Cosplay Chess

Cosplay ChessDo you want to see your favorite characters fight each other? Thanks to Cosplay Chess, now you can! No one knows what will happen when two players move the human pieces across a giant chessboard. For this eighth year at Otakuthon, the theme will be: Cute vs Weird.


  1. Entries can come from any source: manga, video games, anime, etc. No original creations will be accepted. The same costume can be worn for Cosplay Chess and the Masquerade.
  2. This event operates on a first-come, first-served. The earlier you send your application form, the more likely you will be able to participate and to get the spot that you want. However, the Cosplay Chess team has the final decision on who will play in which position.  
  3. You need to be pre-registered for Otakuthon to participate in Cosplay Chess. You will need to provide your pre-registration number to show that you are properly registered.
  4. Costumes do not have to be made by the participant.
  5. All costumes must be appropriate for the general public. We reserve the right to cancel any entry that does not comply with this rule. All costumes must comply with the convention's rules. Moreover, all weapons and props must comply with the Otakuthon Weapons Policy.
  6. All underaged participants must have a signed waiver from their parents or legal guardian. You can get the form by writing to the Cosplay Chess director at
  7. You must have a "battle scene" and a "death scene" ready before the match. You will also need to have several alternative "battle scenes" in case you end up fighting more than once during the match. For each scene, you can request help from third parties, but you need to inform the Cosplay Chess director beforehand. Those people are considered "Support Pieces". You can find the necessary information on the subject below.
  8. No scene props that disperse are allowed. That means: no confetti, no fake blood, no rose petals or anything that might disturb people's footing.
  9. You are required to attend the event meeting before the match. Participants must arrive two hours before the start of the match, not during the two hours preceding the match. Important details that all participants need to know will be covered during that time. This is to prevent the match from becoming too chaotic. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the exclusion of the parties at fault.
  10. Other meetings might be organized during the summer. Attendance is not mandatory, but it would be greatly beneficial to the quality of the event we are preparing. The details on those meetings will be forwarded to you in a timely manner during the summer. 
  11. This is, after all, only an act, therefore attacks that can potentially harm others or damage their costume will not be tolerated. In other words, be considerate of the other people involved.
  12. A picture of your character must be submitted with your entry form. Don't forget to include your real name, your email address, and the series your character is from when you apply. This is to better be able to contact you and give you all the information about the event. Also, please indicate which team you wish to be placed on and what position you think your character deserves.
  13. When you apply, you are committing to participating. If you suddenly find yourself unable to attend Cosplay Chess, it is your responsibility to contact the director by email as soon as possible. An unjustified absence from the match will result in being barred from participating in the following year's Cosplay Chess match. You must arrive wearing the costume you registered. Any last minute, unjustified changes will result in your exclusion from the match.

How do I participate?

Note: You need to be pre-registered for the convention before you can apply.

To be on the chessboard

The chess pieces will be selected amongst the attendees.

No previous knowledge of chess is necessary; two chess players will direct your movements. Participants will be selected from the applications received before July 15, 2015. After this date, new applications might be accepted if there are positions left to fill. Be sure to read the Cosplay Chess rules carefully before sending your application.

How to apply

Send an email to with the following informations:

  • Real name:
  • Email:
  • Pre-registration number:
  • Character:
  • Series:
  • First choice for position:
  • Second choice for position:
  • Team preference:
  • Special attack:
  • Alternate special attack:
  • Death scene:
  • Prefered language of communication (English or French):
  • Picture of character + short description:
  • Support character (if applicable):

Special attacks (support pieces)

You can include other characters in your attack scene or your death scene. Those characters are support pieces.


  • (Attack scene example 1) Naruto (from Naruto) uses Kage Bunshin no Justsu, several Narutos could come help him fight.
  • (Attack scene example 2) Cloud (from Final Fantasy 7) calls Tifa and Aerith to attack as a team.
  • (Death scene example 1) Link runs to catch Zelda (from Legend of Zelda) after her defeat. He carries her away from the chessboard saying "Well excuuuuuse me, Princess!"

Support pieces must be added to the main character application with their own completed entry form. Support pieces are only temporarily present on the chessboard.

You want to volunteer?

You can also volunteer to help run Cosplay Chess. You only need to send an email to the director at


How many persons are going to be chosen?

We are going to choose 32 people to be the chess pieces that will be active on the board. A number of people will also be selected as replacement and support personnel, so more than 32 people will have a chance to participate. You still have a good chance to be a part of it even if you are on the waiting list!

How can I apply?

Simply follow the instructions given in the application section.

Which team should I apply for?

You have to apply for the team that best fits your character. So if your character has cute/kawaii traits, go for the "Adorable" team; if your character is more on the weird/scary end of the spectrum, go for team "Weird". It all depends on your interpretation of the character. The Cosplay Chess team can help and advise you on choosing the right team. We also reserve the right to make changes in the team's compositions if there are pieces missing on one side.

When can I apply?

The application deadline is July 15, 2015. Only completed forms will be kept. Any incomplete form will have to be re-sent before it can be considered.

I'm under 18. Can I still apply?

Children under 18 can still apply by having their parents or legal guardian sign the appropriate waiver and sending it with the application. Make sure that your parents/legal guardian know the time of the match so that you are not forced to leave the convention before the end. Also make sure that they'll be available at all times in case of emergency. Send your request at

Is it okay if I didn't make my own costume?

As this is not a contest, the costumes do not necessarily have to be made by the participants, may be designed by a tailor and/or may contain pieces sold commercially.  The submitted costumes may also have been entered in other costume contests, like Otakuthon's masquerade or at other conventions. Therefore, costumes used for Otakuthon's masquerade are acceptable.

My cosplay has moving parts/big weapons/could get in the way of others. Is it a problem?

Participants must be able to move around without assistance. The costume cannot impede, obstruct or injure other players on the board. It must fit within a 60 by 60 cm square, since these are the dimensions of the actual chessboard squares. Please be aware that the dimensions may change, as we are always trying to improve our chessboard to make it bigger, more durable and of better quality.

How do I know if I've been selected?

Everyone selected including the replacement pieces will be contacted by email as soon as the decision has been made. You must keep your email information updated to stay in contact with the Cosplay Chess team.

I've been selected! What do I need to do before the convention?

At minimum, paricipants will need to exchange emails with the Cosplay Chess team during the weeks preceding the convention. Failure to communicate with the team within a reasonable time frame will result in your exclusion from the match.

You have question?  Contact the Cosplay Chess director at or contact your representing player if you have already been selected.

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