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Contest Rooms

We invite each of you to take part in any number of our contests during your stay at Otakuthon. Impress everyone with whatever you've got to win any of our prize packs.

Have an idea for a contest in mind? Ever wanted to host your own contest?  Click here for more details.

Contests Descriptions

Anime Mystery Dating Game

Four participants are randomly drawn.  One participant is the "date" and the other three are the "suitors". The date asks questions to the potential suitors and, based on their answers, ranks the suitors from first to third place.

Anime Name that Tune

In this popular contest, players must guess the name of the anime title of the tune being played in 15 seconds or less to gain a point. The contestant with the highest score at the end wins.

Are you a seiyuu?

Test your budding voice actor skills in a friendly showdown. You will be challenged on  a variety of interesting scenes. Some will be as easy as "PikaPi!", some will be more complicated like a soliloquy from Death Note's Kira!

Guess that Character

Can you easily recognize your favorite and not-so favorite characters? Come test your memory and your eyes in a contest that will require you to identify a character and the anime it belongs to in order to win!

The Kapuru Game Show (16+)

Are you a true power Kapuru? Then why not come and prove it! Show us your Lovu Lovu power! Three couples will be asked questions about their partners and do their best to match each other's answers. The game is played in three rounds and the couple with the most matches wins. If you wish to participate, click here.

Note: The game will be held on Saturday night. If you wish to participate, please come see the contest staff any time before the start of the contest.

Mimic Like You Want to Win 

An interactive memory game where you need to get physical! Are you flexible? How good is your memory? What about your acting skills? Watch a short video clip of a dance, of a one-liner or of a "technique" then mimic what you saw. It could be anything from the poses and the dialogue of the Sailor Moon introduction to the Kamehameha in DBZ!

The Pokémon Challenge

Come have fun with two types of challenges: the Pokémon version of shiritori and with "Who's that Pokémon?" You will need to know the Pokémon names and be able to recognize the Pokémon from all 6 generations before attempting this challenge! We will use the American names.

Trixy's Surprise Egg

Ever wished to win the lottery? Well here is your big chance to win big time! Participants of all ages can come and try their luck. It's a simple choice between a plain envelope and the Golden Egg. Will you play it safe and take the revealed prize in the envelope or will you risk it and give up the envelope prize for a chance to get what's inside the Golden Egg?

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