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Attack on the Band

Two clans fighting each other for music. Hidden behind their walls, they thought they were safe but one day they received a grim reminder...

Music will always be stronger than them.

Will they fight each other? Or try to fight their common enemy?

Come and find the answer at the rock show "Attack on the Band"!


Ties&RibbonsTies & Ribbons is a six piece band from Montreal that mainly covers music from anime productions. Despite being fairly new to the scene, they have had the privilege of performing at the Otakuthon Cosplay Cafe in 2014, as well as the Otakuthon Halloween Party.

Despite having different backgrounds in music, the six members have a common interest in anime and video games which makes them not only a band, but also good friends. Autonomous, each member also plays a key role in the band; while one is in charge of the technical side of things like recording, another is designing logos and posters. In the years to come, they want to continue playing music from everyone's favourite anime.

With their repertoire of energetic and popular anime songs, they hope to get everybody up on their feet this year at Otakuthon's 10th anniversary!

You can also check out their Facebook page here :


ColorflowA fusion of progressive rock, post rock, jazz and ethereal grooves that will surely satisfy your curiosity. To Colorflow, any means necessary is allowed in order to reach the desired effect. Some of their original pieces may remind you of Explosions in the Sky or Radiohead.

You can also check out their Facebook page here :

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