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Industry Guests

1st PLACE —

1st PLACE is a Tokyo-based company founded in 2004. Besides being the management office of prized artists like Jin, Shizu or Ishifuro, 1st PLACE is also the organizer and developer of the VOCALOIDTM3 voice library "IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-". It also runs the "IA PROJECT", through which it supports the activities of young creators.

Bandai —

Gundam Game Producer: Usui Kotaro

He’s the person in charge for various Gundam games such as Gundam Breaker, SD Gundam G-Generation Genesis, Gundam Battle Operation, etc. He has a broad range of specialties, from project planning to connecting between the game and the animation. Currently, he’s aiming to create a Gundam game not only for the Japanese audience, but also for the world; Gundam Versus.

Producer: Naoya Yasuda

He was also the assistant producer for the first arcade version of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Since then, he has been working on Mobile Suit Gundam series for not only arcade and console games, but also for Gunpla, action figures, trading cards, etc., making him a producer with diverse capacities.

Funimation —


Funimation Entertainment strives to bring you the best in anime for your entertainment needs. You may know us from popular anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan or Afro Samurai. Why do we do what we do? Because we love it, and we're fans too.

Sekai Project —


Sekai Project is a Los Angeles-based publishing, licensing, and localization company. Comprised of a diverse enterprising group of industry professionals, Sekai Project is focused on bringing new media, games, and pop culture from Asia to the western world. Founded in 2013, the company continues to improve upon the way in which fans can connect with creators through the creative use of marketing, crowdfunding, and social media