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Cosplay RPG Battle

Cosplay RPG BattleCalling all cosplayers looking to form a battle party and take down their enemies in classic Japanese RPG style!  Powered by our own game engine, there is no pen and paper to track your HP.  All battles will be fought out in real-time to truly capture the feeling of being in an RPG.

In Cosplay RPG Battle, you will be able to choose a character class based on your cosplay and form parties of three characters each.  These teams will then face off against each other using magic, melee and special techniques, as well as using items like potions and other recovery items to heal or revive fallen teammates. Beat opposing teams to level up and gain power ups as your team makes its way to the final match to prove that you and your teammates not only can dress the part, but act the part as well!



Cosplay RPG Battle Participant Information

What is it?

Cosplay RPG Battle is a series of live battles conducted in traditional turn-based Japanese RPG format between two teams of 3 participants each. Players take turns issuing commands in attempt to defeat the opposing team and to claim victory!

Where do I register?

  • First come first serve on-site only
  • No pre-registration is available
  • Get there early to reserve your spot!

How does registration work?

  • Stand in line when the event starts
  • Teams of 3, have your names and your team name ready
  • Look at the class descriptions poster board (on-site) and choose a class
  • Talk to others if you don’t have a team, many don’t!
  • Spell check your name as we may not know your cosplay
  • Be in cosplay!

What classes are there to choose from?

A full description of each class is available below, here is the short version. To note that class selection can be interpreted how you wish – there is no right or wrong choice!

  • Warrior – physical attack specialist
  • Mystic – supernatural attack specialist
  • Warmagus – a mixed attacker
  • Defender – defense specialist
  • Warder – supernatural defense specialist
  • Synergist – mixed defender

How do battles work?

  • Everyone’s HP and TP are displayed on screen
  • At your turn, declare who you are attacking and how, then roleplay it!
  • Please keep physical contact to a minimum to avoid cosplay fatalities
  • Victory achieved after 5 turns or by defeating all of the opposing team!