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Otakuthon Convention Rules and Policies

The objective of Otakuthon is to provide a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to enjoy and convey their appreciation of anime, derived arts and Asian culture in general.

The following rules apply to all participants at the convention.


All attendees are expected to conduct themselves with proper decorum and in proper attire. If you arenít allowed to do it outside of the convention, it isnít allowed at the convention. While cosplaying is encouraged, footwear is required and apparel must comply with all decency regulations. Please remember that the university is not a private venue and there may be classes and other events occurring at the same time as Otakuthon. Not only will there be media staff, guests and other conventioneers, there will also be students, professors, Concordia University staff, and unrelated corporate folk sharing the same building.

You must carry a picture ID at all times and produce it when requested by convention staff or Concordia security.

Sale or solicitation of any type is forbidden, be it for a physical object or a service, except in designated areas and by those permitted by the convention (dealers at the Dealersí Alley, artists at the Artistsí Area). Carrying signs is only allowed to direct traffic or as an essential part of a costume (e. g. Genmaís panda form from Ranma 1/2).

Handling of restricted convention equipment (AV equipment, gaming consoles, etc) is strictly forbidden; as is tampering with any official convention signs. Displaying posters on university bulletin boards, walls or doors is forbidden.

Pets and animals of all types, excluding guide dogs, are not allowed on university premises.


Participants must wear their badge at all times. The badge should be positioned forward facing around chest height such that it be visible at all times.

If you have lost your badge please report it as soon as possible either to the registration desk or to con-ops. Lost badges may also be brought back to these locations. While staff will endeavor to provide a replacement, any special status that was granted with the original may be denied.


Before taking pictures or videotaping individuals, please make sure to request their permission and that the flow of traffic is not obstructed. Also, take note of the following regulations:

  • The university prohibits the use of cameras in all non-convention areas.
  • Photography and recordings may be permitted during workshops, panels, guest sessions and the Artistsí Area at the discretion of the host(s)/artists. If you are unsure whether itís allowed, please ask the convention staff.
  • Flash photography will not be allowed during the masquerade.
  • The use of cameras in the screening rooms and the Dealersí Alley is forbidden.
  • Convention staff may ask to review any possible unauthorized recordings and may confiscate or destroy such recordings.

Drinking and Smoking

Otakuthon is an alcohol and smoke-free convention. While we do not restrict what people do outside the convention area, any person found intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises.

Food and Drinks

While bringing your own food and drinks is both allowed and encouraged, the sale of such is strictly forbidden in all areas of the convention. Microwaves are at your disposal on the 7th floor for warming foods and drinks.

The consumption of food or drink is forbidden in all screening, workshop, panel and gaming rooms as well as in the theaters.


Dealersí Alley

As expressed above, the sale of food or drinks is forbidden.

The sale of weapons (see below) is forbidden.

The display of explicit material and the sale of restricted (e. g. pornographic) material to minors are strictly forbidden.

All lights and sounds must, as much as possible, be restricted to your selling area. If we believe an item canít be operated without inconveniencing your neighbors, we will ask you to cease use or remove the item from the premises. This includes, but is not limited to, megaphones, sirens, strobe lights and horns.

Sellers are responsible for all taxes and any government permits and licenses that may be applicable.

Artistsí Area

In addition to the above, the sale of items in the Artistsí Area is restricted to original material and personal fan works only. The sale of commercial goods, be they video tapes, CDs, DVDs, posters, scrolls, pens, etc. , is forbidden unless you or the group you represent are the copyright owner or licensors of said works. Advertising any such restricted goods or services is also forbidden.

Weapons Policy

Click here.


We reserve the right and you hereby grant us license to publish, electronically or in print, your name and photograph or likeliness thereof, as well as company, group or circle name and logo in the case of panelists, workshop hosts, artists and dealers; for the purpose of promotion, documentaries and record-keeping. In no case will we release any personal information to 3rd parties other than for the reasons and in the breadth stated above.


By attending the convention you acknowledge that there are certain risks to participating in such an event, including but not limited to injury and loss, and you will not hold liable any of the guests, panelists, volunteers, staff, organizers, sponsors or their affiliated and parent organizations. You also accept responsibility for all your actions.

The above does not supersede, limit or indemnify against any responsibility or liability of the participant, be it moral, monetary or legal, that may be imposed by laws, regulations or policies of any reigning body including but not limited to federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as Concordia University; and does not constitute endorsement of any activities by Otakuthon volunteers, staff, or parent and sponsoring organizations including but not limited to Otaku Anime of Concordia University, the Concordia Student Union and Concordia University.

Violation of any of the above, as well as laws, regulations or policies of any reigning body may result in immediate termination of membership and ineligibility to all events, tournaments and contests, without refund. Any and all appeals may be addressed in writing to the con chair.

Policies are subject to change at any time. Accepting a convention badge of any type indicates full understanding and acceptance of the above terms and conditions.