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Contact Us

For general inquiries, please contact the Information Desk.

To apply to Otakuthon staff positions, contact Human Resources.

To volunteer for fundraiser events or on the day of the convention, please contact Lauren.

If you represent a store, company or other organization, please contact Amy.

For media relations-related correspondence, please contact Marie-France.

For publication-related correspondence, please contact Emmanuel.

If you have questions regarding equipment and logistics, please contact Alex.

If you have suggestions or want to report a problem with the website, please contact Alex.

If you have difficulties with registration, please contact Marc.

For inquiries or suggestions regarding:

live events, contact Victor.
the masquerade, contact Genevieve.
the Artists' Area, contact Yinyin.
J-pop concert, contact Irulanne.
special guests, contact Josianne.
programming, contact Tony.
panels and workshops, contact Jessie.
contests, contact Wendy.
video games and table-top board games, contact Michelle.
table-top roleplaying games, contact Augustin.
the AMV contest, contact Peter.
the weapons policy, contact James.
the flea market, contact Marlayne.

For any inquiries requiring the attention of the convention chair, please contact Amanda.