Tenkaichi Budōkai Trollball Edition

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The first of its kind in Montreal, Otakuthon is a full-fledged, fan-run, bilingual anime convention that features a number of special guests as well as many activities and events spotlighting anime, manga, video games, artwork, and Japanese culture.

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Last year's event pleased Shenron and he has now decided that the Dragon Balls should return to Earth after his long absence. However, Shenron doesn't want the Dragon Balls to be in the wrong hands! To give everyone a chance of earning a Dragon Ball and prove their good intentions, Shenron has decided to organise another Tenkaichi Budōkai under the rules of Trollball. Understanding that some warriors are not good when it comes to teamplay, a new single swordsmanship tournament will also be occurring during the event. Will you be able to prove yourself worthy of receiving a Dragon Ball?

Team Formation

  • Each team must have 10 fighters and 2 healers, meaning you will have 12 people in your team.
  • If you are alone and want to participate, come to the event and we will create teams for people who want to participate.
  • Worried about the nature of the activity? An exhibition match will take place before the tournament so that you can make up your mind!
  • Only 5 fighters from the same team with 1 weapon each are allowed to be in the game field (any remaining fighters must be waiting in the reserve zone)


  • One hit by a weapon (friend or foe) kills you.
  • No hits to the head of your opponents
  • Extreme force with a weapon is prohibited (player expulsion is possible)
  • Cheating is not allowed (if a weapon hits you, you're dead !)
  • No powerful hit done in the air to prevent your opponent from moving ahead
  • No physical contact (player expulsion is possible)
  • LARP foam weapon will be used (only weapons provided by the event will be used, no need to bring your own as we will not use them)


  • When you are dead, you must drop to one knee on the ground and hold your weapon in front of you upside-down (in the case of a healer, just raise your hand)
  • If the two healers of a team are dead and the opposing team scores a point, the opposing team automatically receives an extra 3 points !
  • When a healer is taking a weapon from a dead fighter, the fighter is allowed to return to the reserve zone without blocking any action occurring in the game at the moment
  • When a fighter is dying and the fighter was carrying the Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball must be dropped on the ground


  • A healer is allowed to move anywhere on the field (even outside the gaming field boundaries)
  • A healer is allowed to take a weapon from a dead fighter of his own team and bring it to a fighter in the reserve zone
  • A healer is not allowed to throw a weapon
  • A healer is not allowed to fight
  • A healer can only take one weapon at a time
  • You can only have 2 healers in your team


  • To score a point, you must take the Dragon Ball in the center of field and put it in the opposing team's capsule
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!
  • Only a fighter is allowed to take the Dragon Ball and bring it to the opposing team's capsule
  • The Dragon Ball must be dropped into the capsule to get a point
  • The Dragon Ball cannot be thrown
  • The Dragon Ball cannot be used as a shield. Blocking with a Dragon Ball (by accident or not) will automatically kill the fighter carrying it
  • The Dragon Ball can be given to another fighter without throwing it
  • The Dragon Ball cannot be touched with a weapon
  • The Dragon Ball cannot be rolled on the ground
  • The only way to score a point is to carry it in your hands and put it in the opposing team's capsule


  • The game field is divided in several areas: the game area (where a fighter with a weapon is allowed to fight), the reserve area (where the remaining fighter are allowed to wait for a weapon) and the healing area (the healers are allowed to go anywhere on the field)
  • If a fighter leaves the gaming field, the fighter is dead


  • If a player is not respecting any of the rules listed here, that team will receive a penalty!
  • A penalty results in the loss of one sword until the next round (meaning one less fighter in play at the same time until a point is score).
  • Penalties stack, meaning it is possible for a team to find themselves with only 1 fighter against 5 fighters!

Single Tournament

  • This is a duel between two participants.  Swords used for the Trollball will also be used for this tournament.
  • Only one sword can be used by a participant.
  • The first participant to hit his opponent 5 times wins the match. Please note that the referee will confirm if a hit is valid and that after one confirmed hit by the referee, each opponent must step back a little and before continuing the fight (this rule is to prevent someone from repeatedly hitting their opponent for the win).
  • Each hit must be clear and precise. If there is confusion, the referee may cancel the point.
  • No hits to the head and be careful about your strength (we will expel people if these rules are not respected).

Questions?  Please contact the Workshops Director at workshops@otakuthon.com.