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Otakuthon is Quebec's largest festival celebrating Japanese animation (anime), graphic novels (manga), related gaming, and pop culture.

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The first of its kind in Montreal, Otakuthon is a full-fledged, fan-run, bilingual anime convention that features a number of special guests as well as many activities and events spotlighting anime, manga, video games, artwork, and Japanese culture.

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A new main event at this year’s Otakuthon! The Band Project Concert will fill the Main Events room with full blown J-Music! Rocking on with full live performances from some of the best J-Rock or J-Pop amateur bands out there. From otaku fans to hardcore J-Rock listeners to anime OST fanatics, this concert will bring out the very best in Japanese music! An event surely not to be missed!

This year’s Band Project Concert will feature two bands: Tiriel and Yokai Project!