Our Staff, who work on a volunteer basis, are responsible for this amazing convention.
They work year round with their specialized skills and training to make sure you are given the best experience possible.

Even though our staff members are not paid, they still dedicate their time to make every year a success whether it be 20 hrs or 400 hrs

We appreciate all their hard work and can’t wait for you to see what they have in store this year!

If you want to join this amazing team, contact us at for info on any open positions or general questions. You can also browse our available staff positions!

Staff benefits table

  Support Staff Staff Managers Directors Vice-President
Minimum Hours (Convention & Pre-convention) < 25 Hours 25 Hours 40 Hours 60 Hours 100 Hours
Badge Reimbursement N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Staff Badge Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acknowledgement Credits in Program Book Credits in Program Book Credits in Program Book Credits in Program Book Credits in Program Book
Otakuthon 2022 Acrylic Keychain
Otakuthon 2022 Tube Bandana
Otakuthon 2022 Exclusive T-shirt
Otakuthon 2022 Gift #1  
Otakuthon 2022 Gift #2    
Restaurant Food Voucher  
Staff lounge access
Private office on convention site N/A N/A As needed As needed Yes
Parking or Hotel Crash Space N/A If justified As needed As needed Yes