blank paper — Japanese Guest


blank paper is a band established in Japan in 2021, with the concept of producing music alongside fans, listeners and professionals. They start with a piece of blank paper and see where the collective journey goes. The result of this creative process is known as “bpm” (blank paper medicine). Each dose contains high concentrations of energy and emotions from varying sources, which can lead to side effects of a transcendental nature upon the listener.

The identity of blank paper’s core members has yet to be disclosed beyond code names “C45P3R” and “T3R354”. Their debut song “enemy” became a hot topic when it was used as the opening theme song for the anime “AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline” (“Kyokai Senki”) from the animation studio Sunrise Beyond (Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass), and as the entrance song for Muay Thai boxer Nadaka Yoshinari. Both achievements are extremely rare for a brand-new artist.

blank paper will be appearing in a concert at 7:00 PM on Friday, August 5, 2022, at Otakuthon. Premium ticket holders' autograph session will follow. This performance has been organized in association with J-Rock North Promotions Inc. and AVEX ENTERTAINMENT INC.

John Stocker — North American Guest - Voice Actor and Voice Director

John Stocker

John Stocker has been a recognized force in the acting industry for over 5 decades. He began his career as an on-camera performer, working with the likes of John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, Rick Moranis, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and William Shatner, before settling solely, but comfortably, into the off-camera world, where he has voiced many thousands of commercials and hundreds of animated characters. A lot of you will recognize some of his classic roles – “Beastly” in Care Bears, “Longarm” in COPS, “Toad” in Super Mario Brothers, the “Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man” in The Real Ghostbusters, “Newton Gimmick” in Teddy Ruxpin, “Creed” in X-Men, “Basil” in Babar, “Bugsy” in Dog City, “Ultron” in The Avengers and “Mr. Owl” in Franklin amongst countless others. Over the years, John diversified his career to include voice casting, voice coaching (both commercial & animation), demo production, and the discipline that keeps him busiest, voice directing. He’s been at the helm for dozens of productions, including “Totally Spies”, “Caillou”, “Fugget About It”, “Redakai”, “Mike the Knight”, “Martin Mystery”, “Beyblade”, “Medabots”, “Ella the Elephant”, “The Magic Hockey Skates”, “Rob the Robot” and of course, the one that started his voice directing career, the original English language dub of “Sailor Moon”.

Lost Pause (aka Noble) — North American Guest - YouTuber and Streamer


What's crackin', guys! Lost Pause (aka Noble) is a Youtuber/Streamer with over 1.4 million subscribers that focuses on anime and video game content. He has been making content for over 8 years with content ranging from Visual Novels, JRPGs and VR games, all the way down to original skits, memes, and even anime news. His goal is to bring the fun of anime culture to more people and simply just make everyone's day just a little bit better.

OPENWORLD — North American Guest


Video Game Music Live in Concert

AWR Music Productions is proud to present a new video game music concert experience: OPENWORLD. Featuring exciting new arrangements of video game music for a chamber ensemble of world-class musicians, OPENWORLD performs music from series and titles such as Halo, Super Mario 64, Metal Gear Solid, DuckTales, The Legend of Zelda, and many others. Selections range from ‘90s classics to your favourite recent releases. The name of the production comes from a term which connotes freedom of movement within a video game, and OPENWORLD embraces that spirit of freedom, movement, and adventure under the direction of Eric Roth - music director and producer of A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the exhilaration of inspired live performances of beloved video game music!