Panels & Workshops

Attend a panel discussion and network yourself by meeting and sharing with like-minded friends. Participate in a workshop to get some hands-on experience in something new and exciting.

Registering a Panel or Workshop

Remember, priority will be given to panels that are related to Japan such as anime, manga, video games, music, culture, etc.

In order to become a panellist or workshop host, you must be preregistered! A limit of 4 people are allowed per panel and no more than 6 panels allowed per person.

In order to ensure a proper transition between sessions, the length should be as follows.

Type Duration
Panel 45 or 90 minutes
Workshop 90 minutes

Participants need to bring their own laptop with corresponding charger, cables and adapters when required. Our audio-visual equipment only supports VGA or HDMI for video, and 3.5 mm audio jacks for audio. No Internet connection will be provided.

If you would like to sign up, you have until June 5, 2022, to send in your applications here: Submission Form.

Panellists and workshop hosts will receive an email on their submissions for the acceptance or refusal after the fact. Official panel and workshop schedules will be sent to them at least 2 weeks before the start of the convention.

Guidelines for Panellists & Workshop Hosts

Panellist conduct

Bad behaviour, swearing, and discrimination are not tolerated and will result in the banning of the panellist from hosting panels in the future. Panellists are allowed to express their opinions while being respectful.

At the Convention Before Your Panel/Workshop

Please pick up your badge at the preregistration line as early as possible. To identify yourself as a panellist or workshop host, you must pick up your ribbon at the Panels & Workshops table located near the panel rooms during the convention hours.

During Your Panel/Workshop

Keep track of time! A panel can run for 45 or 90 minutes and a workshop for 90 minutes to allow a smooth transition for the next hosts. Arrive early before the official starting time in order to properly set yourself up. Wrap up the conversation in time to allow the next hosts to get ready. Starting your panel or workshop late does not allow you to end it late!

Important Notes

Most importantly, make sure to have fun with everyone!

Guidelines for “Mature” Panels and Workshops

Panels and workshops featuring mature content must abide by the following restrictions:

  1. Panels & workshops with content or discussions involving graphic violence and/or sexuality, eroticism, ecchi, horror and full frontal nudity will be scheduled after 8 p.m. (16+). Hentai, explicit sexuality or other pornographic material, as well as extreme or excessive violence and gore will be scheduled after 10 p.m. (18+). These panels & workshops will be designated as “mature”.
  2. “Mature” panels & workshops will be held behind closed doors. Restrictions on who can enter will be in place. 16+ and 18+ wristbands or an ID with your photo and date of birth will be needed for all attendees, panellists, and workshop hosts at the door.
  3. The consent of participants must be obtained before taking part in any form of “fan service” (encouragement is acceptable, but no coercion or forcing of an attendee to participate).
  4. Inappropriate behaviour and nudity either by the panellists/workshop hosts or the audience are forbidden.
  5. The decision to designate an age rating on the panel/workshop by the Panels and Workshops directors is FINAL.

Reward System for Panellists & Workshop Hosts

Quantity hosted Reimbursement on Convention Badge
1 45-minute panel $15 off
1 workshop or 90-minute panel $20 off
2 panels $30 off
1 panel and 1 workshop $35 off
One of the following:
  • 3 or more panels
  • 2 or more workshops
  • 2 panels and 1 workshop
  • 1 panel and 2 workshops
Full reimbursement

You can claim your reimbursement on Saturday afternoon or Sunday of the convention after completing all your panels/workshops listed on your Panellist/Workshop Host Form. You can only claim your own reimbursement at the Panels & Workshops table. The schedule for the reimbursement will be posted there.

If you are unable to pick up your reimbursement during the convention, you must inform the Panels & Workshops staff at least one week before the convention to make alternate arrangements.

Need to know more?

You got questions? We got answers!

You can contact the Panels Director at or the Workshops Director at

Thank you

The Panels & Workshops team would like to thank you for expressing interest in submitting content for Otakuthon.