Gunpla/Plamod Model Competition

Gunpla Mod

Since GBWC have decided to move all entries to an online platform, we at Otakuthon would like to propose an in-house competition for your enjoyment. 

Our Gunpla/Plamod event room will be hosting the Otakuthon Anime-pla competition amongst other activities.

The Anime-pla is open to everyone (gender and ages). We would like to see all levels of builders to display their work and face a panel of different judges of your work in a friendly environment. Your model entry is not limited to Gunpla but should be relevant to Anime such as: Anime, Manga, games, etc. The event will be sponsored by: Plamod, Otakuthon and our store partners; Panda Hobby and Trinity Hobby. There will be many prizes to be won!


The rules

A maximum entry per participant is two (2) and size should not exceed 30x30x30cm each. 

Your work will be judged on your;

  1. Creativity: 10 points.
  2. Choice of colour/pattern (does not count toward painting cleanness): 10 points.
  3. Painting cleanness (model must be painted at least 80% of its surfaces: 10 points.
  4. Build cleanness (no “nubs”, the seam lines tightly shut, etc.): 10 points
  5. Choice of poses: 10 points.
  6. An extra 5 points will be given if you add a title for your model entry. But remember, it has to be relevant to your piece. For example, a title “Battle for the Moon!” your masterpiece should have indication of a “battle” and on or in the proximity of the “Moon”.

Dioramas and solid bases will be judged as one piece with your model. Transparent action bases made to support an “in flight” pose will not be judged. 

Also, make sure your diorama makes logical sense. For example, in the past we’ve seen a diorama scene with a triumphant mecha standing victorious over a fallen mecha… with bullet holes in the triumphant mecha’s cockpit! How can the mecha be victorious if its pilot is shot dead?

Added LED, motorized, etc., will not be judged.

We understand that not everyone owns an airbrush set so we will not see an airbrushed model being “better” than a hand-brush painted model. However, if you hand-brushed your model try not to make a “mess” since it will fall into the painting cleanness criteria.   


How to participate?

You must have a valid Otakuthon pass to participate.

You have until Sunday, August 7 at 12 PM (noon) to submit your entry, and the entry can start as early as 6 PM on Friday, August.

We will give you 20 min grace to set up your work and once done, you can no longer change it. 

The takedown time is set at 4 PM on Sunday, August 7. 

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, only the participant will be allowed to take back their entry at takedown period. A valid Otakuthon pass is a must.

We are not responsible for all unclaimed entries at the end of the event on Sunday. The event room doors will be closed at 5 PM.


The in-house model competitions

There will be 5 award categories.

  1. Fan favourite. (1 prize)
  2. Judges (3 prizes)
  3. Non Gunpla (1 prize)
  4. Sponsors favourite. (1 prize)
  5. Staff favourite. (1 prize)

Any question, please direct them to

We hope to see you at the event =)