AMV Contest

Otakuthon AMV Contest Screening

The Otakuthon AMV (anime music video) Contest Screening will be presenting the top entries of each category of the Otakuthon AMV Contest. Come see original AMVs in a variety of genres: action, drama, comedy and romance. Not only will you get to see the best of the best, but you will also get to vote for the best of the best and help choose the winners of the Otakuthon AMV Contest!

Otakuthon AMV Contest

General Information

AMV entries will be screened at the Otakuthon AMV Contest Screening during the weekend of Otakuthon. The AMV Contest screening will consist of two hours worth of the best videos submitted for the contest. During the screening, the audience will vote for their favourite AMV through secret ballot in the following categories: Comedy/Parody, Action, Drama/Romance and Originality. The audience will also vote for the "People's Choice" award for best AMV. If you are participating in the contest voting, please stay for the duration of the screening to give all AMVs a fair chance in the voting.

All AMVs submitted will also be automatically entered into the "Best of Show" category for best overall AMV, as well as the "Best Visual Effects/Video Editing" category. The winners of these two categories will be selected by a panel of AMV Contest judges prior to the convention.

Due to time constraints, not all AMVs will be shown during the contest screening.

Participants may enter a maximum of two video entries total (one entry per category).

Deadline: July 10, 2022 at 11:59 PM

Content Guidelines

Video Content

Textual/Audio Content

Submission Rules

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) submitted for competition must be your OWN work and must be an ORIGINAL work. You may NOT submit an AMV on another person's behalf.

We will be accepting submissions via e-mail only. Please send all contest submissions to

All AMVs for the contest must be submitted by July 10, 2022 before 11:59 PM. If your AMV is submitted after this date, it will not be considered for the contest.

AMVs which are submitted can be entered into one of the following five categories:

To submit your AMV, send an email to with the subject line "AMV Contest 2022 Submission" and provide the following information:

When submitting for the Otakuthon AMV Contest, participants may enter up to a maximum of two AMVs. Each video may only be entered into ONE category for voting.

All AMV entries will be automatically entered into the "People's Choice", "Best of Show", and "Best Visual Effects/Video Editing" categories.

To facilitate the judging process, please name your video file the same as your AMV title.
Creators may submit their videos with their submission by:

The following are a list of "DON'Ts" which will disqualify your submission:


Please note the following guidelines with respect to video format:


Each category winner will receive an award in the form of a certificate via mail. All winners will be announced on forums and the Otakuthon official Facebook page. Winners will be contacted via email to provide us with a mailing address so that the award can be shipped to you.


For any questions about the AMV Contest, please e-mail the AMV Contest Manager at