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Volunteer Rewards Program

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. - Aesop

If the coordinators are the brains behind a convention, then the volunteers are the blood that helps it to function. The brain cannot run without blood, just as much that an anime convention can't live without its volunteers.

With such a large convention, a large number of volunteers is needed to ensure the success of the event. Volunteering also helps ensure that there will be an Otakuthon next year, since it takes a lot of hard work and effort to organize and run a convention, but it becomes a bit less difficult when more people come and help out.

With a wide range of activities to volunteer for - such as registration, panels, hosting workshops and even fundraising - volunteering isn't such a boring task. Every volunteer helps to make a convention safer and more enjoyable for the convention-goers and less crazy for the organizers.

Volunteering can also make a difference for your wallet. Registration reimbursements are being offered this year to those who volunteer their time to help out. The list below is the rewards system which will be in place this year.


Hours Reimbursement
4 25% reimbursement of admission
8 50% reimbursement of admission
12 75% reimbursement of admission
16 100% reimbursement of admission
* hours done overnight between 11pm and 6am will count as double.

Benefits aside, volunteering is a great way to connect and make friends with other people who share and understand your passion for anime, Japanese culture and video games.


We need volunteers in the following departments (contact Lauren at if interested):

- Registration: Responsible for helping with the paperwork, making sure that everyone has their pre-registration papers ready and providing information on the sections to be filled out by the con-goer.

- Crowd Control: Responsible for directing the line-ups in an orderly fashion, making sure there are no trouble-makers and keeping a smooth flow from places such as the Artist Alley, Dealer's Market, Registration and various areas that have a good number of con-goers.

- Badge Checkers: Responsible for checking people's badges in and around the convention to make sure people are allowed in.

- ID Checkers (volunteers to be 18 years and older): Same responsibility as Badge Checkers, but also responsible for checking for proper proof of age (18 years and older) for rooms with mature content. Volunteers for this position could be asked to cover late night events (past 12 midnight).

- Bag Checkers Attendants: Responsible for checking in and out of bags for con-goers in a secured area and keeping the contents of the bags safe and sound.

- Room Monitors (for screenings and video games): Responsible for surveillance of the screening and video gaming rooms and reporting problems if they arise. Sharp eyes and good observational skills are an asset.

- Photoshoot: Responsible for assisting with the photographer and the printing process of the photos during the convention.

- Garage Sale: Responsible for assisting in the sale of various products during the Garage Sale at Otakuthon.

- Cafe Cosplay: BBack by popular demand, volunteers will be responsible for greeting customers, acting as table hosts/hostesses and clearing tables to give an anime feel to the cafe. Cosplay is required and must be provided by the volunteer.

- Cleanup & Support Crew: Responsible for helping with cleanup during the convention, moving things from area to area when necessary, helping dealers, and other miscellaneous tasks.

For more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator: