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AMV Submission Rules

Anime Music Videos & Fan Created Videos Submission Rules

Otakuthon is currently looking for Anime Music Videos (AMVs) and other original fan made productions for non-competitive screenings during the convention. Creators could submit their videos by doing the following:

  • By e-mailing the url of the website where the video is being hosted or a bittorent link of the video. For AMVs, if your video can be downloaded from, please send the title of the video and the creator's name. We will not accept IRC addresses and DO NOT attach the actual video to the e-mail.

    Please send your link to the programming coordinator –

  • By mailing in your video on CD or DVD by snailmail (sorry, no videocassettes) to the following address:

    Otaku Anime of Concordia University
    c/o Concordia Student Union
    1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. Rm H-711
    Montreal, QC
    H3G 1M8

Deadline to submit your video is Friday, May 26th, 2006. If you are sending your video through the mail, please make sure that it is postmarked no later than the deadline date.

When submitting your videos, please provide your name, e-mail address or other contact info, the title of your video, a short description (no more than 50 words), your source footage and the source of your music or audio soundtrack. For amateur dubs, please provide the names of the voice actors and other production credits.

Submission Policy

Otakuthon is looking for the following:

  • Anime Music Videos (AMVs)

    The majority of the video footage must be from Japanese animation. Live action or other animation footage is acceptable provided that they are not a dominant part of the video. Music must be used as the main soundtrack and could be from any genre and in any language. There should be no subtitles in the AMV unless it is an important element of the music video or if they are karaoke song lyrics. AMVs must be no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 6 minutes.

  • Fan Parodies

    The main theme for any parody could be a Japanese animation, a video game, or anything related to otaku fandom.

  • Amateur (Fan-) Dubs

    Amateur dubs of Japanese animation TV or OAV episodes will be accepted. The dubbing must be either in English or French. We will accept no more than four episodes per series.

  • Other Fan Produced Works

    If your video does not fit into any of the above criteria, please e-mail the programming coordinator prior to submitting your work. Provide a detailed description of your video so that the programming coordinator could decide whether or not to accept the submission.

Content Restrictions

Any videos that contain hentai, graphic sex or other pornographic material will NOT be accepted. Videos that contain extreme violence, eroticism, ecchi, strong sexual content and full frontal nudity will be shown during a late time slot (after 9 PM).

Coarse language, including music lyrics, must be acceptable of what can be heard on public radio, prime time television, or any film that is rated PG-13.

All videos will be pre-screened by the Otakuthon staff. We will reserve the right to accept or reject any video based on the prescribed criteria and/or for any valid reasons.


All videos must be able to be playback on a PC with the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) installed. If you are submitting your video on CD or DVD, they too must be able to playback on a PC. We will not accept any videos on videotape.

Please note that any CD or DVD that is sent to Otakuthon will not be returned and will become the property of Otakuthon.


AMVs and parodies will be shown during various times at the convention, either as filler between anime series or during designated time blocks. Amateur dubs will be shown in either the English or French language rooms at scheduled times.