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Attend a panel discussion and network by meeting and talking with new friends.

Registration of a Panel

Remember, priority will be given to panels that are related to Japanese topics such as anime, manga, video games, music, culture, etc.

To apply, a document with a summary of the points in the presentation must be submitted. The summary must include:

Once the document is approved, a video file of the panel must be submitted within 2 weeks for approval. A panel should last for about 45 minutes. No live panels will be possible.

Once the video presentation is approved, you will receive instructions on how to register at the convention as a panelist, free of charge.

If you would like to register a panel, you have until July 2, 2021, to send in your initial application. Please send your applications to

Panelists will receive an acceptance or rejection email on their submissions no later than 2 weeks after their submission. The official panel schedule will be sent to panelists at least 1 week before the start of the convention. The official schedule is subject to last minute changes.

Guidelines for Panelists

Panelist conduct

Bad behaviour, swearing, and discrimination are not tolerated and will result in a ban of the panelist from hosting panels in the future. Panelists are allowed to express their opinions, but not if it is offensive and hurtful.

Recorded videos

As panels will be recorded and broadcast, make sure the videos are working and properly edited. Videos should not show anything indecent and should not contain too much personal information. Remember, these will be broadcast online where many people will be able to see.

Most Important Guidelines for Panels

Panels must abide by the following restrictions:

  1. No panels with ratings of 18+ will be accepted.
  2. Inappropriate behaviour and nudity by the panelists is forbidden.
  3. The decision to change an age rating on a proposal or submitted video of a panel by the Panels Director is FINAL.
  4. The decision of the Panels Director to accept or decline a panel proposal is FINAL.


Once approved, applicants will receive free admission to Otakuthon At Home 2021.

Most important thing ever

Have fun! And make it fun for everyone else, too!

Need to know more?

Need more information or have a question? You can contact the Panels Director at

Thank you

The Panels Team would like to thank you for expressing interest in submitting content for Otakuthon.