Virtual anime convention experience at home!

AUGUST 15-16, 2020

11:00 AM EDT
11:00 PM EDT


$20 CAD
$15 USD

Special Guests

Rakugo & Manga Translator
Idol Performance
Orchestra Performance
Orchestra Performance
Music Director
Orchestra Performance

Kenzie Black

Kenzie Black is a multi-genre music producer, international open-format DJ, & Yami Kawaii harajuku fashion enthusiast. Her style blends dark & cute bass music beats with video game & anime remixes

Cyril Coppini

Born in Nice, France, Cyril Coppini is living in Japan since 1997. With a master degree in Japanese and Japanese literature of National French Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO), he joins in Sept.1997 the French Cultural Network in Japan (French Embassy – French Institute) where he currently works. In 2003, he starts a translator career. Since 2013, he specializes into Japanese manga and video games translation. Cyril Coppini is also a Rakugo performer (Japanese comic story telling).

If you missed him at Otakuthon 2019, stay connected in 2020! Cyril will present to you, in French, one conference (45min) about the art of Rakugo and one demonstration (20min).

Laurence Manning

Laurence received a classical education at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, then at the Université de Montréal where she completed a doctorate in piano interpretation in December 2018.

Laurence first specialized in video game music in 2016 by creating her own piano arrangements that she posted on her YouTube channel. She launched her first video game music album “Game Music Piano Album” in 2019, which includes original arrangements from Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, Golden Sun, Shovel Knight and many more. Laurence has also recently signed a second album titled “At home”. It was recorded in her apartment on her Young Chang grand piano, during the pandemic, and subsequently published May 2nd 2020. Featuring 28 piano pieces from video games, this album is available on all music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer and Amazon.

Also a composer, Laurence now shares her original piano and trio compositions on her Youtube channel. Her work his inspired by music from video games and movies as well as neo-classical, Celtic and neo-medieval music.

Love Live Sunrise

Sunrise is an 11 member girl group based in Montreal focused on recreating performances from the popular anime series Love Live. Their bright smiles and high energy dance covers are sure to warm your heart and cheer you up on gloomy days! Sunrise’s motto is “Never give up!” and they show that very happy determination both in convention and in their shows! Find them on all social media as LoveLiveSunrise and let your mind rest a minute by following their daily adventures!


NOOB is an expanded MMORPG-themed universe. It is also a transmedia license existing in web-series, comics, novels, light novel, manga, video games, etc… The web-series has exceeded 100 million views across all medias combined and remains to this day the most viewed in France. It also broke the European record for crowdfunding twice (in 2013 and 2017) and in 2014 was awarded the International Award at the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles.


L’OAM, short for L’Orchestre d’Anime de Montreal, is a Montreal-based mixed ensemble recently founded by Melissa Tardif. Featuring a rock band, chamber orchestra, and vocalists, L’OAM specializes in anime music featuring your favorite OPs, EDs, and general OSTs from a variety of genres. The orchestra had its debut performance at Otakuthon in 2019, performing for a full house of over 2000 people!

This year, since L’OAM will be unable to meet in person due to the COVID-19 social distancing measures, we have prepared an at-home variety show featuring solo, small ensemble and full orchestra covers of your favorite anime OST’s!

Stay safe, friends, and catch you at the 2020 edition of Otakuthon on August 15th and 16th!


Are you a fan of video game music? L’Orchestre portable de jeux video, (OPJV), conducted and cofounded by Sebastien Wall-Lacelle, consists of passionate musicians. This organisation offers an extremely unique experience to music lovers. Its mission has always been steadfast: reaching out to the community through its passion for video game music. Each member of this unique group are volunteers who come together solely for their common interest in sharing their love of music.

The OPJV provides the fans with an intimate connection to its music as well as a stunning orchestral performance which is breathtaking. This year, the group is proud to stage a new concert at the Otakuthon 2020. This spectacle will be dedicated to the flamboyant video franchise of Final Fantasy. You will be guaranteed to not only be invigorated throughout the performance but also be taken back in time with the memories of your favourite Final Fantasy games. Join us and you will be witness to a complete suite of Final Fantasy 7, arranged by Jonathan Dagenais, and that is only the beginning. Terra’s Theme from Final Fantasy 6, the epic Somnus Ultima song from Final Fantasy 15 and many other classics from these games will also be headlined in an unforgettable display of musical artistry. Don’t miss out on this amazing occurence!

The Pink Popo

The PinkPopo, votre DJ geek préférée! Fidèle au poste depuis 2008, vous la voyez à Otakuthon, Nuit blanche de Montreal, Anime North, Yeticon et bien plus. Maintenant à la conquète du monde, The PinkPopo est la pour vous défoncer les oreilles sur des beats électro à saveur J-­pop et chiptune comme vous en avez jamais entendu! Ichi, ni, san, Pātī

Eric Roth

Eric Roth is known for an original and expressive musical personality, recognized internationally as a composer/conductor, orchestrator/arranger and producer of concerts and recordings. Credits include A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY, Weird Al’s Strings Attached Tour, Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY, The RPG National Anthem Variations, Undertale LIVE and much more.

Eric Roth will participate in discussions of issues relating to arranging/orchestration for live performance and recordings and issues relating specifically to producing concerts and recordings of videogame music.


Tortuga is a Montreal-based rock-metal musical group dedicated to bringing back to life video game classics while giving them a new dimension. The five musicians share the same passions: music, obviously, and video games. Each musician is able to bring a unique touch and distinct sound both in writing and in interpretation thanks to their accomplished musical careers. Sometimes heavy, sometimes melodious, Tortuga will take you from one universe to another so that your inner gamer will be filled with nostalgia.

Video Game Orchestra

Video Game Orchestra is a group of incredible musicians founded by Okinawan-native Shota Nakama, performing Rock/Orchestral arrangements of popular video game music with a band, singers and orchestra. While this year they can’t play a full-scale headbanging rock show in the same room with all of you, we are excited to announce that VGO will be playing an exclusive acoustic set for Otakuthon 2020!

From their homes in Boston and LA, the band will deliver a special performance featuring new arrangements of music from games like NieR, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, and many more.

VGO has been featured at countless conventions and performed all over the world, becoming one of the most recognized international video game music acts. While not on tour, the VGO musicians are actively involved with creating the official soundtracks for video games and anime such as Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts,The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Made in Abyss under VGO’s production company “soundtrec”.

As you know, musicians are one of the categories that have been impacted the most by COVID-19, and many of VGO’s band members whose primary source of income is live performances have been greatly affected. We will be accepting donations during the show and 100% of the profits will go straight to the musicians to support them during this time.

P.S. For everyone who enjoyed the Capcom Live concert at Otakuthon 2018, get ready to see some familiar faces in the band!

*Guests are ordered by last name / group name.